Central New York Apartments
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About Us

CNY Rental Properties owns and manages apartment communities, as well as one and two family homes, in the Central New York area. Being both the owner and manager of these communities is unique in the industry. It means we are not just managing our communities as a business to collect fee income, but as owners we are managing to create the best possible living experience for our residents. This translates into an enhanced focus on customer service, maintenance of the communities, and attention to detail. The owners are on their properties on a daily basis.

What also makes us unique is that we are a privately held company. This means that we can make decisions that benefit our residents rather than outside investors whose interests may not align with the communities' best interests. Rather than managing our communities with an eye on the daily fluctuations of our stock price, which can cause some companies to make decisions to cut back on service or improvements, we can focus on serving our residents and on consistently upgrading our communities for the long run.

The biggest advantage CNY Rental Properties has is our dedicated and talented staff. Because of our unique advantages and success over the years and that we are a smaller family oriented business, we have been able to attract the best and brightest employees in the industry. Their goal is to make sure you experience not only professional service but there is a focus on personal service as well.

While the company has grown over the years, the core values that this company was built on remains' the same and has only grown stronger…leasing quality apartments, providing exceptional customer service, and most significantly knowing that through our work, we are improving the quality of life for our residents. We also care and work to support to the entire Central New York Community.
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